Perfectionism is bullshit.

It comes from a fear of judgement. It is an inner resistance. It kills creativity.


I’ve spent too many thought cycles trying to decide what to create, and not enough just creating. Perfectionism stops me before I even start.

16 year old me was creatively free - playing with video cameras and photography equipment. I had no fear of judgement. My work didn’t need to compete with the pros - I was a kid! And yes - it sucked at first. But I eventually got good! And I really enjoyed it! Now I sit in this creative rut because I can’t help but compare myself to the pros. My work must stand out!

That mindset is bullshit. It needs to end. I need to be okay with creating garbage.

“Why should I post this? I’m terrible compared to X” “I can’t blog, I’m not a good writer”

Well, dummy, maybe you aren’t a good writer because you don’t blog.

Seth Godin blogs daily and raves about the benefits of having this constraint. His posts aren’t always special, but today his post is the universe sending me a message.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Or groundbreaking. Or good! Just post it. We’ll iterate tomorrow.